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WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL is the 'place to be' this Saturday night!

Posted by admin on March 13, 2014

WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL is the 'place to be' this Saturday night!

March 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM

This Saturday, Sam and band will take the stage at WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL with a jam-packed and high-energy set list. This time, however, the live show will be recorded and filmed for a proposed Sam Bush documentary.

If you are looking for Saturday night plans, have friends who live in-or-around Birmingham or find yourself in the mood for a spontaneous weekend road trip, come make a memory with us at WorkPlay. Who knows, somewhere down the road you may find yourself watching this proposed documentary and might see yourself on camera!

Our hope is that we get a great show on film. Sam has even got a few new tunes up his sleeve to share with those in the audience — who's ready for some new music?

We're excited for the fun in store this weekend, and we hope you join us at the show! For tickets and concert information, click here.

Leading up to the show, Sam sat down and had a chat with Blake Ellis of Weld for Birmingham. Check out his full interview here.


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Posted by Steve Rogers on
Hey Sam. Whatdayasay? I was at the Workplay show that you filmed and was wondering how to stay informed as to the progress of the documentary. What was the group that is putting it together.

See ya in T'Ride and at Rockygrass. This should put me over the 50 show mark - not including the old NGR Days.

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