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Don't Miss Del McCoury and Sam On the Road Next Week!

Posted by admin on February 13, 2013

Sam is again hitting the road with Del McCoury for their co-headlining tour and will be stopping in Charlottesville, VA (2/21), New York, NY (2/22), Derry, NH (2/23) and Norwalk, CT (2/24)! Ticket information is linked below! These special concert events include Sam and Del exchanging memories and stories, along with the impeccable Bluegrass music they have been creating for more than five decades. These are true can't-miss experiences! Click the links below for ticket information!

Charlottesville, VA (2/21) at the Jefferson Theater
New York, NY (2/22) at City Winery
Derry, NH (2/23) at Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton
Norwalk, CT (2/24) at Norwalk Concert Hall

'Til next time,

Glamour & Grits Chick 


Posted by Larry on
Sam & Del: Thanks very much for a really nice night in Derry, NH this past Saturday, 2/23. I was just ending my day around 5pm at my weekend gig of tuning skis in a local ski shop and sat down at the PC to search for some live music to see.

Ten minutes into my search, I saw that you guys were playing 10 miles up the road and I couldn't believe what I was reading!! I instantly called a couple of like-minded musical friends and learned they were initially planning to see a movie. I told them to forget the movie, Sam n Del are playing up the road at 7, get your arses up here and we'll hit the show. They immediately obliged and a half hour later, we were holding tickets in our hands!!

Thank you guys for such a warm, enjoyable show. It's obvious you guys are good buddies and it was really nice listening to your stories of the road and of old times and friends in between the songs. It felt like I was watching Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion" and I could have sat there for another 2 hours listening to the first-rate music and stories. I'm sure I speak for everyone else in the hall that night as well. A musical highlight for me was "In the Name of Love" - I remember Sam introduced the song by saying "you gotta hear him [Del] sing this..." He didn't disappoint - simply astounding vocals!! You've still got it, Del!! And of course, Sam's mando chops are in unbelievable form - my friends and I just looked at each other in awe while clapping after each song. Thanks again for a fantastic night gentlemen, hope to see you again soon. Safe travels!!
Posted by Yamila on
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