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Calling All Music Lovers: Share Your Sam Bush Stories!

Posted by admin on November 14, 2013

Calling All Music Lovers: Share Your Sam Bush Stories!

November 14, 2013 at 5:54 PM

Howdy, music lovers! Whether you've attended a live show with the band, caught a festival performance, or maybe just ran into him at the grocery store... you probably have some kind of story to tell when you hear the words, "Sam Bush." We want to hear your stories!

Share your stories using #SamBushStories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now through December 16th, 2013 for your chance to win. Each Monday, we will select and announce two winners to receive an autographed photo of Sam!

The first two winners will be chosen this coming Monday, November 18th — so start sharing your #SamBushStories today! Follow @sambushband on Instagram here.

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Posted by Guillot Dominique on
I was in Toulouse (France) in 1984! your Newgrass Music make me so happy !! I bought all your CD's an you are definitively my hero ! I try to play mandolin for a long time (I bought a nice Gibson F5L made by Bruce Weber in 1994), I made CD's with a french band and I would be so happy to receive an autographed photo !!
Posted by Doc Roberts on
My wife and I met Sam Bush at Old Settler’s in 2011. After Sam’s set, my wife and I had gone backstage to eat dinner and try to say hello to him. As usual, Sam was deep in conversation and I didn’t want to interrupt him but my wife was hungry and sort of pushed me in his direction. Fortunately he was very gracious and not only spent time with us but also posed for a couple of photos with us. As we posed, he glanced over at my Astros shirt and said “Can’t we all just get along?" It was one of those moments I'll remember for a long time.
Posted by Chuck Seavert on
I saw Sam for the first time in Bristol in 2012, it was wonderful. The best part was getting to share this event with my cousin who is trying to learn about bluegrass. Then I saw him this year at the Epic Collaboration show at IBMA, I was stunned, then the next day I got to shake his hand and thank him for his music and what it has meant to me.
Posted by Lou Ann Timberlake Adams on
I went to a pickin' party in Louisville with Courtney and Hazel Johnson to a guys house that was a dentist...We all picked and ate and someone was recording the music when Sam went to the camera and told everyone not to cook bacon in the nude, not to run with scissors and then began to tell the camera with his hand in his mouth that he needed to let the dentist there look at a couple of teeth...then as if nothing had happened Sam went right back playing the fiddle tune with all of us......he was hilarious......
Posted by Jefferson LOUVAT on
I saw Sam for the first time when he was touring with Emmylou and the Nash Ramblers in Sept 1991. It was on the Belgian coast in a town called Oostende. I was 14 and my dream came true that day, I met my hero. Before the show, at home I prepared some large size papers on which I wrote different things like introducing myself, for how long I've been playing the mandolin, how much I would like to talk to him... I ran to the first row, had a seat right in front of his spot on stage and showed him those messages one after the other between the songs. Sam was amused with that quite a lot. Emmylou noticed what was going on and said to the microphone " Sam is apparently having a long conversation with a young kid on the first row". It was really cool. But the coolest thing was when I met Sam after the show at the lobby of his hotel. Wonderful souvenirs, thank you ever so much Sammy !
Posted by John Friedkin on
Boulder Theater...New Years Day....the day after Sam and band killed it ....while checking out on a cold, snowy morning at the Boulderado Hotel, we were greeted by a meandering Sam in the upstairs hallway. Sam smilingly proceeded to tell us that his road crew had locked them out of their vehicle with the engine running. Sam so graciously stopped and chatted with us for a good 5 minutes in the hallway. Love ya, Sam!
Posted by Philippe OCHIN on
I will always remember the first time I met Lynn & Sam in person and it takes us back to 1984 when NGR came to play the Toulouse Bluegrass Festival in France. I entered the room where they were relaxing cause I wanted to introduce myself to them (although I already saw NGR in US bluegrass festivals before and Sam already had played my Monteleone Grand Artist mandolin in 1982 at KFC Festival in Louisville, KY). Before I gave my name, Sam looked at me and said : you're Philippe Ochinn and I was blown away that he knew my name and then he told me that I was the only french guy who took the time to write him a letter (internet was not even a dream at that time)while he was in the hospital and he thanked me for that. Sam's the man !
Posted by Paul Pelke on
I was in Chattanooga on business in December 2001 and the local public radio station announced that Sam would be playing at Rhythm and Brews Sunday night (12/09/01). I ordered my ticket and saw one of the best shows ever. I had a front row seat and on one of the songs Sam sat down next to me and played and then handed me his pick. I won't go into the details of the show because you can hear it here.
Posted by Jesse K on
Hi fellow music lovers...ONE Sam story started at the Atlanta airport January 30'ish, 2004. I saw Lynn and Sam at my same gate. On the flight to Mo Bay, JA, I figured out they were going to same place I was - Negril (I saw Sam listening to Little Feat's "Kickin' at the Barn" on the plane with his headphones - checking out the CD case as I walked back from the bathroom:-). Then, I was standing in line at Customs - turned around and there were Sam and Lynne - again. After the ride from heaven & hell in the "Lido Shuttle", we all made it (one of us, barely) to Negril in time to check in and make our way to the suite-ness of the Grand Lido. Then Sam, Fred Tackett and Paul Barrere performed what I recall as a great acoustic set that first night in a little "hut" at the resort - followed by full Feat sets with some Sam and reggae and all with Sam sitting in all night PLAYING THE BEST FEAT ON THE BEACH! What a week of Feat and Sam'isms. Some great memories of Negril as I listen (BACK) live.
Posted by outoftune on
One of the many shows I saw Sam give with Courtney, Curtis, and John was an outdoor gig put on by a Park District in a town north of Chicago. Before the show some friends and I had been jamming, and the last tune we played was "Blackberry Blossom." We had just packed up & were heading over to the concert area when two white vans pull up. Sam got out of one and started playing "Blackberry Blossom." I don't know if he had somehow heard us jamming around or what, but it was like Babe Ruth just came by (Or in Sam's case, it would have been Ozzie...) I was too uptight and stunned to even approach Sam. It was getting close to show time and I told the others that there was no way I was going to bug Sam.

It was a typical high energy New Grass Revival show, and one of only two times I had a chance to see Sam perform outdoors. "Too Late to Turn Back Now" had just been released. My buddies and I thought we were doing well because we played "With Care From Someone" and included a take on New Grass Revival's cover of "Norwegian Wood" in our own performances.
Posted by rickp on
First saw Sam at Telluride in 2001 and became a fan as I listened to Ice Caps on the plane while heading back to the SE. We first met him at the Acoustic Cafe in Steve Masterson's front yard and then again during a private gig at WorkPlay in Birmingham (thanks, Joel!) later that year (maybe I should upload that sweet sbd to the archive?). I told Rob that we'd be bringing our daughter to the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta two nights later for her 17th birthday. When we walked in to the Variety Rob found me and asked her name. Sam hit her with the spotlight, wished her a happy birthday, and dedicated his final jam of the night to her, and came out later for pictures. It obviously had an impact on her because when she graduated from high school that year, she chose Telluride Bluegrass as her graduation trip. I have to admit that was one trip we didn't mind paying for...we even went along as chaperones (actually, maybe it was the other way around). That little girl just turned 27 and has made a few trips to TBF on her own since then not to mention more than a few road trips to see Sam.

We have many more Sam stories but the story of how we first met Sam, and later Lynn, is our favorite.
Posted by Jen on
I was a vendor at the Telluride Blugrass Festival in 1996 or 1997. It was my first time to the town and festival. I was in my booth lining the ring of the music meadow waiting for the headline act to come on. No one was shopping, all eyes were on the stage. I saw a man walk to the center of the stage alone. All was quiet. He then raised his fiddle to his chin and broke into the song "If I Only Had a Brain" from the wizard of oz. i couldn't believe it. I was truly amazed. Who the heck is this guy, I thought. So I left my booth and wiggled my way to the front and there he was... Sam Bush! It was a truly unforgettable evening! I drove 20 hours back to Bear Valley California. Shortly after Sam Bush appeared again in my home town to play at the high Sierra Music Festival. I gushed and gushed to all of my friends about him. Of course his performance was again AMAZING! I am an artisan vendor at the Strawberry Music Festival and have since seen him many, many times! At a Strawberry performance 3 years ago he inspired my 11 year old so to play the mandolin. Because of Sam my home is filled with the joyful sound of the mandolin every day. Thanks for everything SAM! See you at Strawberry!
Posted by Russell Ellis on
I've been a fan of Sam since the early days of Telluride. Talked to him briefly at Telluride. Last year when Sam and Del played in Grand Junction, Co. got to meet both Sam & Del, what a couple of cool guys. They took the the time for pictures and conversation...As I like to say, DIG IT...
Posted by George E. Manosis on
I've had the pleasure to meet Sam Bush on two occasions: once at Sunfest, in West Palm Beach & once at the Bamboo Room, in downtown Lake Worth. Both were stellar shows. At the Bamboo Room gig, I had the opportunity to have Sam autograph my mandolin. I'll never forget the moment he saw my mando. He took one look (at 20 feet) and exclaimed "looks like a '53 Gibson A-40!". He was correct on all counts. I would love to have an autographed photo to put on my 'music wall'. Rock on, Samboni!
Posted by Mark Snowbarger on
I have had the pleasure of seeing Sam in Cleveland, Columbus, Mohican, and at Rockygrass in Colorado. He is the best. I have always enjoyed his music and his energy... At the Mohican Bluegrass Festival some years ago, Sam and his group were the last show, John Cowan was with him that night. They were playing all kinds of music...all good. After a long hard driving jam, an old timer in the audience waited till it quieted down and said, "When are you going to play some Bluegrass?" To which Sam said in a humorous way, " What do you want me to do, play Rockytop?" We all went crazy laughing...Sam went right into Same Ol' River. Awesome!
Posted by Greg on
It was around 1986 or 1987 that I had won a trip to Nashville and music instructions from a member of The New Grass Revival. I wanted to take that with Sam, but I was a new guitar player only at the time. Before heading to Nashville New Grass played The Down Home in Johnson City Tennessee and I had seen them play many times there. But, this time the owner got me back stage to meet the whole band in between sets and it was a blast of fun to meet Sam and the entire band members.
Anyway, on the Nashville trip I got the guitar lessen and also got to sit front row at the Nashville Now TV show. They asked me to come on stage during the interview with New Grass, but I was too shy at that time. So, they had me stand up and introduced me to the crowd and the TV audience that night. I gave that the “Sam hand wave” as the camera was on me and I could see Sam laughing on stage while I did this, so I knew he got it. When I returned home I had a fellow come up to me and tell me he saw me that night, but I never told him about the “Sam hand wave.”
Posted by Doreen Somers on
Hi from Colorado...
My story of Sam Bush is a simple one and it took place in Lyons, CO this past summer at the Rocky Grass Festival. A chance meeting of Sam at the campground while walking towards the river and being able to say hello and state that what a great moment it was this morning after a fantastic show the night before in the pavilion. Just how lucky we both were to be there...I could tell he meant those words same as I and loved his work of sharing music and the beauty of Lyons and all the folks loving this music festival. Thanks...happy December.
Posted by Steviejoe on
I first met Sam and John and Bela and Mike at a club in Gadsden, AL, Chestnut Station early in 1983. Shared a beer and some light conversation at the bar with John, and when they took the stage of course they brought the house down!!!!!!!!!!Fast Forward 30 years to this year's Woofstock, hosted by Emmylou Harris, featuring Sam Bush, John Hiatt, Keb Mo, Buddy Miller, Bobby Bare, Jim Lauderdale, and a host of others. The venue was the most casual event I had ever had the pleasure of attending. Sam walked by me and I was nearly tongue-tied but I introduced myself, made some small talk and Sam allowed that he remembered our meeting. Now I know for a fact he couldn't have possibly remembered, but he was gracious and kind enough to fib and make this old boy from Alabama feel about ten feet tall. Sam Bush is an American icon in my book, and one helluva human being.
Posted by Phil Leonard on
#sambushstories It was about 1 pm on Saturday, October 1, 1988 when I received a call at The Down Home. Mike Cross had the flu and would not be able to do his show that night. The previous Thursday and Friday New Grass Revival had performed. The rest of the band headed home. Sam and Lynn were staying in town to visit Mike and to celebrate their anniversary, if I'm not mistaken. I contacted Sam at his hotel. Shared my dilemma and asked if there was any way HE could do a show for us that evening. Sam hesitated because, as he told me, he had never done a solo show before. My co-owner partner at the time was the great Ed Snodderly who continues to keep the Down Home open to this day. Ed said he would share the show with Sam. So that evening the Down Home hosted a very special evening with Sam Bush and Ed Snodderly. Each did solo versions of some of their favorite tunes as well as doing many songs together. Sam has always been of generous heart. And I think of the lovely Lynn and thank her for sharing Sam with the rest of us that evening. The board tape from that evening continued to be a favorite in my audio collection.
Posted by Keith & Alice stays on
What happens at Green acres ... stays at ... well, you get the picture! Sam knows what i mean.
North Carolina
We've known Sam and Lynn for over 25 years. Enjoying good time, good friendship and GREAT MUSIC!
Posted by Drea DiCarlo on
Roots n Blues n BBQ Festival, Columbia, MO, September 2011. I was at this festival the weekend of my 16th birthday. Sam Bush was playing in the morning on a stage overlooking a lawn. It was the first time I'd ever heard his music. I had been drawing the faces of the musicians playing all weekend and during Sam's set, I drew him as well. Afterwards, people lined up to buy merch and get things signed. I got up there and shyly showed him the drawing and asked him to sign it. he was so, so excited about it. he asked me my name and then took my sketchbook and started showing people--"Hey, guys, come look at what Drea did!". He was an absolute kid about it. That's how I got into Sam Bush.
Posted by Claudia on
I met Sam in person at the Live Oak Lounge in Ft Worth TX. I walked up and introduced myself while he was at the bar waiting to go on. I told him how much I enjoyed his music and he HUGGED ME AND SAID THANK YOU. I will never forget the sweetest hug and how down to earth he was for being such a STAR. I love you Sam Bush.
Posted by Ron Landis on
I had been a big fan of Sam for many years and has been a huge influence on my own playing and was one of the main inspirations for taking up the instrument in the first place, so of course, when I found out he was headlining our Folk Festival here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I worked hard and actually succeeded in booking my duo as the opening act. When we were doing our sound check, Sam came out and introduced himself. He was such a nice guy, it's like I had known him for years. In fact, he made us feel so comfortable that partner at the time asked him if he would sit in with us for a song. He sort of politely backed out at first, but after hearing our sound check, he came into our dressing room and told us that he would sit in with us for one song. It was the highlight of my musical career to be trading licks with my hero on a tune that he wrote... Whayasay. I will never forget it. The audience loved it too.
Posted by Craig Long on
In about 1976 one of my running buddies, Byron House, slipped in to a night club in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This place was called the "Caribou" This was a pretty big deal because we were both only 15 years old. As I recall, Byron was carrying his banjo in it's case and we walked in together, (like we were in the band). That evening the band playing was New Grass Revival. I had never heard such a tight, uplifting band before or since then. Byron told me about how Sam Bush went to our school (Warren Central) a few years ahead of us. I was impressed! It was also the first pitcher of beer we ever bought and drank. This was indeed a memorable evening.
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Sam Bush :: Calling All Music Lovers: Share Your Sam Bush Stories!
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Sam Bush :: Calling All Music Lovers: Share Your Sam Bush Stories!
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Sam Bush :: Calling All Music Lovers: Share Your Sam Bush Stories!
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