The Results of Our “Ham or Turkey” Thanksgiving Survey Are In…

Dec 09, 2014

Now that all the relatives have gone home and the last of the leftovers have vanished from the fridge, we figured it was time to tabulate all the responses to our “Ham or Turkey” Thanksgiving survey. We really appreciate y’all taking the time to share your holiday traditions with us – we really enjoyed your responses, and are excited to share a few of our favorites with everyone...  

First, the big question: What’ll it be this year? No surprise – turkey won out in a landslide:

Turkey: 83%
Ham: 8%
Other: 6%
Chinese food: 3%

Meanwhile, the controversy over whether to call that classic Thanksgiving side dish “stuffing” or “dressing” rages on. The race was tight, but stuffing one out by just a bit:

Stuffing: 51%
Dressing: 41%

A few folks left that one blank – we’d love to know what they call it...

For Thanksgiving guilty pleasures, desserts topped the are a few of our favorite responses: 

• Sweet potato casserole with pecan crust
• Apple pie with Cool Whip
• Corn pudding
• Turkey – my kids are vegetarians, so we’re having a lentil loaf. But I am going to sneak out and get some sliced deli turkey anyway.
• Pie for breakfast the next day.
• We have both turkey AND ham, then on Christmas we have Mexican food, ‘cuz we are tired of turkey and ham!
• My sweet lady’s loving!

It looks like 44% of you had the football game on, while 52% opted to keep it off. Movies also weren’t a big winner on Thanksgiving weekend: 80% of you said there’d be no trips to the cinema. But you will be at the mall: 52% of you said you’d be starting your Christmas shopping that weekend, while only 20% would be finishing it.

But will there be drama? Fortunately, most said no, although a few said the following sources of family friction were likely:

• A verbal fight over how to make mashed ‘taters
• Typical mother-in-law hi-jinks
• Outlaw country vs. traditional. Newgrass vs. bluegrass. You know, politics!
• Banjo vs. fiddle or ukulele

We heard a lot of great Thanksgiving memories, but our favorites were...

• While smoking turkey, we went out to store to get more wood chips and darned if the dog hadn't eaten the whole 24-pound-plus bird: the carcass was stripped clean and found in back yard next to the chicken coop.

• The year my ex-girlfriend made a cake and dropped it off for my family, but it was inedible. My brother tried to secretly flush it, but it wouldn't go down.

• Condensed story: Husband said he would cook the turkey at 2am, but he got tired and started it early. Turkey was ready by 8:30am, so they had Thanksgiving at 9:30am.

Your many messages of thanks were truly heartwarming, but we felt this one summed it up best:

I am most thankful for family, health, and friends. Hoping for peace and calm worldwide.

From Sam and Lynn, along with the Sam Band family, we’re thankful for all of you. Thank you for being a part of our community this year: We’re looking forward to seeing more of you in 2015.


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