Sam Bush's First Senior Discount Day

Jun 14, 2012

Sam recently celebrated his 60th birthday! Doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true!  In this episode of SBTV, Sam celebrates being a “Freshman Senior” by enjoying a new perk. Go along with Sam as he embarks on his first Senior Discount Day at the Kroger in Bellevue, Tennessee as a “Freshman Senior” shopper. Check back next week for the second episode in this hysterical three part series. 

Many thanks to all of the AMAZING staff members at Kroger on HWY 70 S in Bellevue, TN. 

Leave your shopping and survival tips in the comments. Also, let us know what other Senior perks could Sam qualify for? Maybe we’ll send our SBTV crew out to capture Sam in our next installment !

Thank you for joining us!



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